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 How to get lots of credits and fast

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How to get lots of credits and fast Empty
PostSubject: How to get lots of credits and fast   How to get lots of credits and fast EmptyFri Sep 17, 2010 10:29 am

I have been trying to find a legitimate fast way of getting credits and so far this seems to be the fastest way. NOTE: This can only been done by yourself, not with a friend

Go to

Score Attack

Once the options appear for you to vote, vote for Gruntapocalypse. It will appear every time you start a new match.

The best maps for the quickest results (for me anyway) have been Overlook and Courtyard.

For Courtyard choose the spawn on the top level with the ammo crates. Stay on the top level the whole game and go from the left section to the right section, the Grunts will only spawn in these areas. When you run low on ammo, run back into the room, ammo up, go back outside and continue.

For Outlook do the same thing, pick the spawn point with the ammo crate. As you walk through the door that leads outside, you will see a roof that can be easily jumped on. Jump up there, go the the 2nd roof and you can see every spawn point of the Grunt. When you run low on ammo do the same thing you do in Courtyard.

This process takes around 10 min or less depending on how good you are, and if your quick with headshots on the Grunts, you will score at the very minimum 1,000 credits a game. The lowest I got was 1,100, and the highest was 3,100.

If anyone has a faster way, or other methods please feel free to post them. Hope this helps.

UPDATE: After doing this multiple times I found that Corvette is the fastest, easiest map for this to be done on, as it can be completed in around 6-7 min. If you're unsure on where the best spot is on the maps, here are pics taken from Bungie.net to show you where I always go.

Corvette How to get lots of credits and fast Corvette

Courtyard How to get lots of credits and fast Courtyard

Overlook How to get lots of credits and fast Outlook
Credit goes to T9X_69 on TTG

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How to get lots of credits and fast
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