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 CDG: Waterworks (not a remake)

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CDG: Waterworks (not a remake) Empty
PostSubject: CDG: Waterworks (not a remake)   CDG: Waterworks (not a remake) EmptySat Nov 13, 2010 12:24 pm

I just completed my entry for team slayer in the bungie contest. CDG: Waterworks This is an entirely indoor map that supports all game modes. The map is mostly symmetrical with some variation throughout. It should be balanced for all modes. There aren't too many power weapons, but some are added for certain modes. The respawn timers are set high for the power weapons and most of them don't spawn at start. There are no vehicles unless you're playing race. I used 4 special fx filters, Slayer has Juicy, Invasion has Purple, Infection has Orange, and Headhunter has Nova. Invasion is setup so that you only use half of the map for the first round. There are one way doors blocking the rest.

Please download and leave your feedback.
I still need to get some Team Slayer video for this map so if anybody wants to help, please do. Invite, cdeezgames com

Download link:

Pictures available in my album on Forgemaps: http://gamercreations.com/gc-live/photos/photo?albumid=46&groupid=2#photoid=270

Walkthrough video:

CDG: Waterworks (not a remake) CDG-Waterworks-Slayer2

CDG: Waterworks (not a remake) CDG-Waterworks-Invasion2
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CDG: Waterworks (not a remake)
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